Market Mover of the Week: Inflation and ECB Minutes in Focus






Market movement for the week: from January 16th to 20th, a lot of interesting data will arrive, in addition to the publication of the ECB minutes on the last December meeting.

market movers of the week of January 16th to 20th: What will happen in the markets?

The data to be released from Monday to Friday next will provide important indications on the global economic situation.

In the foreground is, above all, the publication of ECB meeting minutes December: what details will emerge about the fight against inflation, future interest rate hikes and recession forecast?

In addition, updates on theinflation in Italy, Germany, UK, China, Eurozone are highly expected.

Below is the full schedule of market mover from January 16th to 20th.

Market Movement on Monday, January 16th

  • 08:00, EUR: Germany wholesale price index
  • 11:00, EUR: Eurogroup meeting

Market Mover Tuesday, January 17th

  • 03:00, CNY: China’s GDP
  • 03:00, CNY: China Industrial Production
  • 08:00, GBP: UK CPI
  • 08:00, EUR: CPI Germany
  • 10:00, EUR: CPI Italy
  • 11:00 AM, EUR: ZEW Survey on German Economic Sentiment

Market Mover Wednesday, January 18th

  • 11:00, EUR: Eurozone CPI
  • 2:30 pm, USD: US IPP
  • 2:30 PM USD: US Retail Sales
  • 3:15 PM, USD: US industrial production

Market Mover Thursday, January 19th

  • 13:30, EUR: ECB Eurozone minute
  • 2:30 PM USD: Initial US jobless claims
  • 5:00 PM, USD: US Crude Oil Inventories

Market Mover on Friday, January 20th

08:00, GBP: UK Retail Sales

Source: Money It

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