Libero and Virgilio are offline, when will the post office work again?






More than 48 hours of malfunction in the Libero and Virgilio email services. When will email services be restored?

in the days of January 23rd and 24th email services Virgil AND Free they malfunctioned and entered low. Accounts of Libero and Virgilio owners received emails addressed to the user with the apologies for the malfunction and the general explanation of the reasons.

The malfunction made it difficult to send and receive the email, which occurred in fits and starts on both platforms on the 23rd and 24th of January. Shared failures are due to a malfunction in the provider’s infrastructure supported by Virgil and Liber. The issue is currently “under resolution”.

Both companies have excluding a hacker attack, speaking rather of a malfunction due to the infrastructure. The most affected systems were the e-mail which for the first time after years of service suffered the malfunction.

After two days of breakdown, with problems receiving and sending e-mails, Free AND Virgil reported that the problem is being resolved. However, it is not yet known when the two email services will be active again without major problems.

Libero and Virgilio fallen: the origin of the breakdown

On January 23, 2023, Virgilio and Libero’s email services began to malfunction. Receiving and sending emails occurred in fits and starts from at least 10pm onwards and the problem continued into the morning of January 24th, as well as throughout the day. In fact, it looks like the issue has not been resolved so far (update at 11pm). The latest reports arrived a few minutes ago, but both companies wanted to underline that the problem is “being resolved”.

Were immediately discarded possible hacker attacks. In fact, this is a technical problem, exclusively internal. It therefore means, say the services that suffered the malfunction, that the risk of a hacker attack can be 100% excluded and, at the same time, confirm that the user’s data is completely safe. According to what was stated online actually Technical problems are in the infrastructure of Italia OnLine, the provider that counts so much Virgil what Free.

Libero and Virgílio fallen: when will inefficiencies end?

At the moment, the announcements of have been published on the Twitter accounts of Libero and Virgilio breakdowns. There are many users who ask about recovery but without getting an answer. Indeed, the malfunction has already lasted for more than 48 hours for many of the accounts and there are no traces of communication on the account reset date.

Users are up in arms over an “apology for the inconvenience” but no announcement of a service restoration date. However, inconveniences accumulate for users who complain about the impossibility of working and responding to important emails.

The Libero wanted to ensure that the users’ data are not at risk and that in the next few hours it will try to inform the holders of an e-mail about the service recovery. The problem is that, after three days of interruption, users don’t seem willing to accept the apologies that press releases renew hour after hour. It is no longer an inconvenience, write some, but a considerable loss that will not even be reimbursed.

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