Cybersecurity and war in Ukraine, now the Italian army is looking for experts to defend against China and Russia






Defense tenders for 21 experts in the cyber and space sectors are underway: the Italian General Staff wants figures to defend our country from cyber attacks, especially from Russia and China.

The Italian army is looking for specialists to defend the country from cyber attacks, especially from China and Russia. The Defense, in fact, published in official newspaper and on the recruitment portal of Public administrationInPa, candidacy call for officers in the cyber and space sectors.

This is the first of three upcoming calls that will also involve Army and Air Forcefor a total of 64 seats. The need for a cyber defenseon the other hand, it is increasingly evident since the outbreak of the pandemic and in the face of the cyber war established alongside the military war by the russia against ukraine and the European Union.

Military cybersecurity, who can access the public tender

This first call from InPa concerns in particular the navy: 21 people are wanted for the position of ensign of vessel in the corps of marine engineersfor use in the cyber and space domains.

To be selected, you must have a master’s/specialization in: aeronautical or aerospace and astronautical engineering; Electronic Engineering; telecomunication engeneering; computer engineering, information technology, computer security; physics and mathematics.

Applications can be sent in the next February 13thwith rehearsals taking place over two days, presumably in the second part of the monthat the Navy Selection Center in ancona and the Naval Academy of leghorn.

Where the competition winner will be entered

Whoever wins the contest will enter the Space Operations Command, created in June 2020 on the model of the US Space Force, an internationally renowned US body. The objective, therefore, in addition to the cyber security of the State and the Army, is increase national capacity in the space domainguaranteeing the defense of our country’s space assets.

In this way, the Command became theunique organizational element in the industryas well as in the operational reference interface with the Armed Forces, but also in the inter-ministerial domain.

Is there a new cybersecurity agency on the way?

Meanwhile, the European Official Journal published the new EU “Cer” directive on resilience and kinetic safety of critical infrastructures, which aims to make public administrations more efficient in this regard Old world.

To apply it, each Member State must identify one or more national authorities. For this reason, the Meloni government could create a body similar to the National Cybersecurity Agencywhich supports him in the country’s defense strategy enshrined in the Pnrr.

The latest Postal Police report on cybercrime shows the growth of cyberattacks, with losses in 2022 for 36.8 million euros. they went last year 853 people identified and investigated for activities related to phishing, smishing and vishing.

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