Salary maneuver, disqualification for Juventus players? Who are the players who risk a month of stoppage






Not just the 15 penalty points for capital gains: up to 16 Juventus (or former) players risk a month-long disqualification for the salary manoeuvre. Here is the list of players involved.

problems for the Juventus they’re not done yet. THE 15 penalty points in the current Serie A championship, now I’m sure. But it doesn’t stop there, because the risks for the Turin team could expand and also involve the players. The current ones and also many exes.

As the Republic explains, moreover, the second salary maneuver2021, may have more problems 16 players who played or still play for the alvinegro team. And again, reports the same newspaper, the FIGC Public Prosecutor can also ask for an additional 15 penalty points after those of the capital gains investigation.

About the salary issuethe players involved risk a long disqualification – at least one month – in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Sports Justice. Let’s see why they risk this disqualification and which players are involved.

Juventus, because 16 players risk a month of disqualification

The risk of disqualification stems from the Code of Sports Justice, which provides that members cannot agree with the club to which they belong indemnities, damages or prizes in disagreement with federal regulations. In essence, risk is about players who have signed the letters outside the private writings that would have concerned what is defined as the second Juventus salary maneuver.

Basically, we are talking about the signature with which it was allowed to move “four months without resignation”, with the guarantee that they would also be paid in case of a transfer to another team. According to the rules of sporting justice, anyone who does not respect this principle is subject to disqualification for a period of not less than one month.

Who are the players at risk of disqualification due to the salary maneuver

The list, also released by La Repubblica, includes the names of many of Juventus’ key players, current or recent years. There are, for example, Bonucci, Rabiot, Square, Dybala. Instead, they would not be included in this list, because it seems that they did not sign this card, other high-level players who have now changed teams: Cristiano Ronaldo, Kulusevski, Demiral. To which are added Alex Sandro, Danilo and Chiesa, who remained at Juve.

Others are also cited among players at risk, such as Szczesny, McKennie and not only that, because even for some for those of whom there is less fear – Danilo, Alex Sandro and Chiesa – doubts remain, according to press rumors. At the same time, there would be no certainty even for those who passed to other teams: we are not just talking about Demiral and Kulusevskibut also of De Ligt, Dybala, Bentancur, Bernardeschi and Demiral.

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