What is the white card and when is it shown to players (and not only)






For the first time, on the occasion of a Portuguese women’s football game, a referee removed the white card: what is it, what is it for, when is it used and what is its value?

Between yellow and red, there is also White card. For the football international is an absolute novelty, so much so that it was extracted from a judge for the first time a few days ago, in the women’s game between Benfica and Sporting Lisbon.

The referee demonstrated this during this match, introducing the world to a new tool available to referees. What is not necessary, however, for penalize the playersbut for another reason. what is it forso the white card?

This question will probably be asked by spectators of the Taça de Portugal Femenina game who witnessed the scene. And now, many are wondering after seeing the images of that match that are going around the world. so let’s find out when the white card is pulled and what is it for.

What happened during the game Benfica-Sporting Lisbon

The first white card in football historyas mentioned, was extracted during the Women’s Benfica-Sporting Lisbon (won by Benfica). To understand why, we need to reconstruct what happened. During the match at the Da Luz stadium, on Saturday, January 21, when the first half was about to end, a spectator has been stricken with an illness in the stands. As soon as he realized what was happening, the referee stopped the game.

The medical teams of both teams they intervened to help the fan and managed to rescue him. The rescuers then returned to the bench and applause from the entire stadium began. At that point, the referee addressed the medical teams of both teams and ha the white card has been removed.

What is the white card used for and when is it withdrawn?

Considering the context, fans quickly understood that it was some kind of award and recognition of health professionals. From what happened we can easily understand what the white signals are for: referees can use them to underline fair play gestures.

The idea of ​​introducing white cards was born, therefore, to promote ethical values ​​and good actions on the soccer field. At the moment it is not a practice that referees resort to frequently, but it cannot be excluded that it will be used more and more in the future.

The value of the white card

Unlike yellow and red cards, white cards do not affect the progress of the match or penalties against players in view of future matches. in fact the white card is not included in the referee’s report nor does it serve to ‘discount’ some incorrect behavior (for example canceling a warning). it’s just for underline a behavior to be appreciated.

When will the white card be used?

As mentioned, on this occasion he was reported to the medical team for his immediate and fundamental gesture to save a person. In the future, however, it is expected that the white card will also be used to underline other fair play emotesperhaps even more related to the behavior of players on the field: let’s think, for example, of a player who admits to having deflected a ball, that he committed a foul or a touch of the hand or that, perhaps, interrupts the game – missing a great opportunity – because sees an opposing player on the ground.

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