Coppa Italia 2022-2023, quarterfinals: schedule, live TV and streaming






The Coppa Italia 2023-2023 guide: full schedule, dates, match times and where you can watch quarterfinal matches live on TV and streaming.

get life there Coppa Italia 2022-2023he ate quarterfinals which according to the calendar will be held between January 31 and February 2; this is the last knockout stage as for the semifinals we will return to the classic home and away games.

So far, there have been surprises, with Milan who, despite their numerical superiority, succumbed to Torino in extra time and Napoli, who dominated the championship, who were eliminated on penalties by Cremonese. Instead, all the other big names made it through the round.

In detail, this is the 76th edition of the Italian Cup, which in terms of format follows the previous editions with knockout games with the exception of the two semi-finals which, more traditionally, will take place with home and away games.

Let’s see then the Coppa Italia schedule 2022-2023taking a look at full board of the event and where to see it in live tv and streaming matches scheduled for the round of 16.

Coppa Italia 2022-2023: the calendar

There Coppa Italia 2022-2023 it started on July 30th with the first qualifying round that saw teams from Série B and Série C on the field; the final, on the other hand, is scheduled for May 24th.

The top twelve Serie A teams (the three newly promoted teams plus last season’s bottom nine) made their debuts in August in the 32nd Finals, with competition resuming in October before the break.

The Italian Cup thus reached quarterfinalswith the draw already set some time ago, with the semi-finals scheduled between 5 and 26 April.

Quarterfinals: dates, times, TV and streaming

Dates and times are already known quarterfinals of the Coppa Italia 2022-2023; similarly to Serie A, a kind of stew was also adopted for this competition to suit television needs.

here they are full quarterfinal schedule and where to watch the games in to live:

Tuesday, January 31st

  • Inter-Atalanta at 21:00

Wednesday, February 1st

  • Fiorentina-Turin at 18:00*
  • Rome-Cremonesa at 21:00*

Thursday, February 2

  • Juventus v Lazio at 21:00

*Time not confirmed

All Coppa Italia 2022-2023 matches will be broadcast live exclusively on networks mediasetwith meetings that can also be followed live chain through the platform Play media set.

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