Milan-Inter Super Cup: schedule, where to watch it live on TV and streaming






Today, Wednesday, January 18th, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, AC Milan and Inter compete in the Super Cup: the schedule of matches and where to watch them live on TV and streaming.

Milan-Inter Super Cup: Everything is ready for the delivery of the first trophy of the 2022-2023 season, with the Milan derby that will be played in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, at the King Fahd Stadium.

There super cup that is why it is being transferred abroad again after the difficulties related to Covid, also due to the agreement reached with Saudi Arabia, which will thus host the final for the third time since 2018.

Milan AND Inter they will be “rewarded” for the midweek away international with a richer cachet than last season, with the Super Cup dishing out 3.5m to each club regardless of who wins.

So let’s see in detail what is thehours of the match between Milan and Inter and where you can see, in to live or chainthe Super Cup final considering the difference of two hours with Saudi Arabia.

Milan-Inter Super Cup: the calendar

The Super Cup final between AC Milan (Scudetto winners) and Inter (Italian Cup winners) will be played in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in 20 italian houror 18 according to local time, on Wednesday, January 18th.

AN hours unusual for Italy, but which follows the schedule of the last World Cup that was held, for the first time in the second half, in Qatar.

Thus, for the twelfth time the Super Cup will be awarded abroad: the first was in 1993, in the United States, but the trophy, in addition to the USA and Saudi Arabia, also stopped in Libya, China and Qatar.

live tv and streaming

Given the difficulties in being present at the King Fahd Stadium in order to watch the game live, the fans will have to be content with watching the Super Cup final in to live.

The match between Milan and Inter will thus be broadcast live on channel 5 at 8 pm today, Wednesday, January 18; In fact, in addition to the rights to the Coppa Italia, Mediaset has also secured those for the Super Cup.

for lovers of chainthe final can always be seen live on smart TVs, tablets and smartphones, through the app Mediaset Infinity or in sportmediaset.

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