Napoli-Juve, Dazn or Sky? Where to watch the game live on TV and streaming






Where to watch the match between Napoli and Juventus live on TV and streaming on Dazn or Sky, the first advance of the eighteenth round of the Serie A championship.

Where to watch Napoli-Juventus live on TV or streaming? This is the question that many fans are asking themselves at the moment, since today, Friday, January 13th, the first advance valid for the 18th round of the Serie A championship will take place.

As is known, the television rights of our Serie A are also in the hands of this year Daznwith Sky which, however, has the possibility of broadcasting three matches co-exclusively for each round of the championship; in addition, the two companies signed an agreement to allow subscribers to the broadcaster via satellite to see all matches in its bouquet.

a match between Naples AND Juventus eagerly awaited, as it is an authentic Scudetto, even though we are still in the first phase. In fact, the Bianconeri are very fast in the race for first place, currently occupied by the Neapolitans who have already been crowned winter champions.

So let’s see in detail where to see in to live or chain the match between Napoli and Juventus, taking a look at what Dazn and Sky’s schedule is for this championship journey.

Napoli-Juventus: Sky or Dazn?

the match between Naples AND Juventus on Friday, January 13th, will be broadcast on exclusive direct from Dazn; the vision in chain with this, it will only be possible for season ticket holders through the application that can be downloaded on smart TVs, tablets and smartphones.

who has signature Sky and has the SkyQ decoder, you will be able to watch the match between Napoli and Juventus on the active Dazn area channel if you also have a subscription to the streaming platform.

For those who only have a Sky subscription, the three games that will be watched on a co-exclusive basis in this 18th round of Serie A are Inter-Verona, Lecce-Lazio and Empoli-Sampdoria.

Dazn subscribers, on the other hand, will be able to see all ten games of that day, seven exclusively and three co-exclusivity, with the company also announcing the activation of automatic refunds for the disservices that were found during the match between Inter and Naples.

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