Renewed friendship between Russia and Iran: five-year deal on oil and infrastructure






With the war raging in Ukraine, Russia is in quick need of new sources of income. Now Moscow thinks it has found a new one in Iran.

There Russia continues to strengthen relations with Asian countries. After the phone call with the Turkish president Recep Tayyip ErdoganRussia squeezed new deals with Iranhe reported tax.

Russia and Iran have much improved relationships since the war started in Ukraine. The conflict, in fact, strengthened all existing global alliances. While the we were born and the West renewed its alliances, albeit with some difficulty, with Russia forged permanent titles with many Asian colleagues.

There North Korea, for example, began to sell weapons to Russia, and more precisely to the mercenary Wagner Group. Turkey, on the other hand, has expanded energy plans with Moscow in hopes of becoming a new gas hubs European.

there too China she followed the war in Ukraine closely, trying to get the best possible outcome for herself. Although it never directly supported the invasion, China does not never joined the sanctions against Russia. Indeed, China can now buy Russian oil and gas cheaper and Moscow must confidence in the Dragon for your future revenues.

However, China’s position is has always been ambiguous. It seems that their goal is to make Russia a «vassal state» for energy, rather than a direct ally. It’s hard to say if Xi Jinpingthe Chinese president trusts his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

For this reason, the most important ally that Russia got is Iran.

The five year plan

Iran is a pariah state in middle East. Like Russia, it is plagued by isolationism and Western economic sanctions. This, of course, brought Tehran closer to the enemies of the West, openly support Russia in his invasion.

Russia has used Iranian-made drones in its own civilian infrastructure bombing in October. According to Ukrainian intelligence, Russia I only used half of the drones available, with many more to come.

Tuesday, the agency tax reported that Iran and Russia are planning expand your relationships In the next years. The two countries signed a five-year development plan in 2022, which was confirmed at a diplomatic summit in Tehran.

«Relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia are of great importance in light of several circumstances, including the fact that both our countries have access to the Caspian Sea and [sulla base] our common interests in the region and our international cooperationIranian parliament spokesman said.

More importantly, the two countries further discussed the energetic links. As in the case of Turkey, Russia is trying to sell your massive fossil fuel disposal to new markets.

Iran, being fully isolated from the west industrialized, found a pot of gold. The plan provides for the creation of infrastructure between the two countries, including pipelines and railways.

But all this will take time, time that Russia needs like its daily bread. Without the European market, how will they pay for the war?

Article published in the international edition on 2023-01-24 14:01:25. Original title: Russia and Iran Renewed Friendship: Five-Years deal on Oil and Infrastructures

Source: Money It

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