What is Joe Biden at risk in the case of confidential documents?






New classified documents found at Biden’s home. Investigations continue and numerous charges are dropped against the president, especially by Trump supporters. What is Joe Biden at risk?

New documents, new accusations, especially from Trump supporters, against Biden. What is the President of the United States (really) at risk? On Saturday, January 21st, the FBI came in and searched, once again, the home of Joe Biden. The new search, pointed out by Biden’s lawyer, took place in full cooperation between the partiesallowed agents to withdraw more confidential documents. Since the beginning of the month, when the news of the discovery of classified documents in the offices of the Biden study center came to the public, the number of documents classified as “confidential” and found in the president’s possession has not stopped growing.

Comparison with the story that had former President Donald Trump as the protagonist is already inevitable. Public opinion is divided and this is not surprising, especially given the electoral results between the two political formations. However, there are those who point to different journalistic treatment booked for two. Because if it is true that Trump has been much more hostile to giving information about confidential documents in his homes, not even Joe Biden can boast of a shadowless transparency in the treatment of documents classified as “confidential”.

After the investigations, which will be conducted by a prosecutor with long experience like Robert Hur, it will be possible to start talking about the real risks that Joe Biden runs for his carelessness in document processing. According to jurists consulted by the washington post it is very common to find confidential documents in private residences or offices of people who have worked in the administrations and, if there is no desire to steal or destroy the material, this crime is punished ex officio. The real risk for Joe Biden could be a image reactiontherefore political.

The Joe Biden case is expanding: New confidential documents found

The new house quest President Joe Biden lasted almost 12 hours. This isn’t the first time the FBI has searched the president’s homes and offices, and new classified documents were found in every shipment.

Bob Bauer, attorney for the US president, said the entire procedure took place in collaboration with and with the assistance of the president’s attorneys. Finally, several documents were taken, including handwritten notes, dating back to Joe Biden’s period as vice president alongside Barack Obama.

The differences between the Trump and Biden cases that divide public opinion

The discovery of the documents in Joe Biden’s offices and later homes really wasn’t necessary to picture this. Indeed, Biden, following the discovery of Trump’s theft of documents – and the ensuing investigation – declared the former president a irresponsible. Today Biden is accused of not taking his job seriously and of using double standards.

However, there are differences between the two cases. Indeed, it appears that Biden immediately cooperated to return the documents to the National Archives, while Trump did not. The former president is, in fact, also accused of “obstruction of justice” and suspicion of destruction of sensitive material.

What does Joe Biden risk for possession of confidential documents?

The two cases, therefore, present themselves differently and jurists have already declared that the two protagonists will be treated differently for this reason. In fact, it seems to be quite a common practice to mishandle confidential documents. It can happen that any document becomes confidential (according to a certain measurement scale) even for just one sentence. While Biden may have products confidential documents and then forgets to return them, Trump has expressed his willingness for theft and perhaps destruction.

At the Joe Biden case therefore, one can proceed only with an administrative sanction and not with a legal sanction. The main risk for the President of the United States is, instead, the political and media impact of the story. Indeed, Trump supporters wasted no time in attacking the Democratic leader and making it a political issue, for example, through the “impeachment” procedure. And the voters? Also divided into the two narratives, they show more and more concerns about the choices or behavior of President Biden, who has not avoided falling into more than one contradiction since the beginning of his term.

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