The United States does not want to defeat Russia, so






According to Maurizio Molinari, editor of Repubblica, the United States does not want to defeat Russia and that is why Biden is trying to bring Ukraine into an armistice. Here why.

garlic U.S not suitable defeat military of Russia. That’s what the director of the RepublicMauritius Molinariduring the episode of Borders in Rai Tre.

While the war at the Ukraine lights up again in Donbass andEurope As the US struggles to provide more firepower to war-torn Kiev, Washington’s real concern would be to keep Vladimir put on in its place like President of the Russian Federation.

Indeed, if on the one hand the Germany cares about a can lineup of the war in global scaleprovoked by the supply of new weapons not for defense but for offensive attack by Ukraine, on the other hand there is the concern that what could happen for a can Putin’s downfall.

Molinari, in fact, is concerned to remember one of the most important lessons of history: al fall of leaders always follows a period of high instabilitywhich would benefit neither the Asian continent nor Europe.

Molinari then performs a lucid analysis of what are they main dangers that the United States, like the rest of the Eurasian continent, is rushing to Putin’s downfall. Here, then, is why it is not convenient for the United States to defeat Russia.

Why is it not convenient for the United States to defeat Russia?

If it is true that in Washington summits, as well as in Europe, the conclusion of the war in between Russia AND Ukraineit is equally true that the United States and the European Union must also be concerned about what could happen later, especially in the case of fall of vladimir putin.

Often, the fall of a charismatic leader, however much it disrespects Western democratic principles, always brings with it moments of strong instabilityjust think of the second civil war in Libya, which broke out after the death of General Gaddafi.

According to the director of Republictherefore, the real risk that Europe and the United States face is what could happen at the Putin’s downfall and as far as possible Fragmentation of the Russian Federation: “Can Russia implode like the Soviet Union did in 1991?”. This is the question of Molinari which reminds you that in this case there is a danger that the 6,000 Russian nuclear warheads could end up in the hands of Tatarstan and beyond, multiplying the risks of instability

So what would the US strategy be?

The risks mentioned by Molinari were also frequently reported by InsideOver. According to the newspaper, in fact, Europe would be forced to face a spring of ethnic-religious separatismextended from the North Caucasus to the Russian Far East, based on “interethnic conflicts, asymmetric battles, civil wars AND terrorism”. In fact, remember that places of high instability are fertile ground for terrorist cellsthat feed precisely on chaotic scenarios such as the fragmentation of a federation.

To avoid such scenarios, the United States would therefore be avoiding the total defeat of Russia, trying to preserve the position occupied by Vladimir Putin. According to Molinari, in fact, the government biden would be trying to push theUkraine the armistice – or in any case the refusal to continue the war – and on the other hand he would be trying to keep Russia under control, keeping put on under sanctions and weakened, but still holding the reins of the Russian Federation.

Risk of a third world war? Germany’s fears

If Molinari’s interpretation is consistent, on the other hand, the actions of the Biden administration seem to be aimed at aconflict escalation on a large scale.

The United States recently declared its willingness to tolerate even a Ukrainian attack on Crimea. Added to these concerns are those expressed by Berlin during the summit ramstein. Indeed, if Italy has already confirmed its availability to supply the Samp-T anti-missile system, NATO would like Berlin to supply the formidable Leopard 2 tanks, but Chancellor Olaf Scholz keep hesitating.

The main fear in this case is that these supplies could lead to a involvement directed by we were born in the conflict, leading to a Third World War.

If NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg he is convinced that it is necessary “Sending weapons to Ukraine to achieve a negotiated peace”, remains to be seen whether Russia’s nuclear threats have always been threats or a real risk.

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