Why doesn’t Germany send weapons to Ukraine?






NATO presses for a new military aid package for Kiev, but Germany hesitates. The node on Leopard 2 tanks does not untie. That’s why Germany doesn’t send weapons to Ukraine.

There Germany delays and denies sending its Leopard 2 tanks. During the summit of the Contact Group for the Defense of Ukraine (Ukraine Defense Contact Group), which took place in ramstein precisely in Germany, more than 50 countries, including NATO allies and partners, have again discussed the armored vehicles that Berlin must supply to Kiev.

And if on 19 January nine countries – Estonia, UKPoland, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Slovakia – issued a joint statement on 19 January in which they stated their willingness to supply Ukraine with heavy vehicles, including tanks. Germany once again proved the most skeptical and denied sending its tanks.

And if many wonder what the reasons for this skepticism are, Berlin guarantees that it is a matter of caution and that it will not send its tanks at least until the United States sends its Abrams. And when the Russian-Ukrainian conflict erupts again in donbassUkrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky insists on sending substantial military assets: “We do not have time. Time is a determining factor. We must act quickly”, explaining that Kiev needs panzers from defense it’s from combat.

Faced with the old question, it is more necessary than ever to try to untie the German knot by trying to understand why doesn’t germany send weapons to ukraine.

Why does Ukraine want Leopard 2 and which countries could supply them?

For days now, Ukrainian rhetoric has seen german tanks one of the means necessary to turn the tide of Russian-Ukrainian conflict and for days we have been discussing why Germany is stopping.

THE leopard 2 they are considered among the best tanks currently in use, prized above all for their speed and range, suitable for both the defense than for an attack. It therefore appears that Ukraine is ready to enter the conflict ready not only to defend itself but also to attack.

If the new minister of Defense german boris Pistorius he explained that the question remains open as there are “good reasons for” and “good reasons against”. Germany, however, despite being the producing country, is not the only one to have its tanks, the countries that have the Leopardi 2 are Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Holland, Czech Republic and Poland, but also Hungary and Peru

And if the Germany stops waiting for the US reaction on the abramsThe Slovakia and the Czech Republic they may have decided to offer their own leopard 2 to ukrainehow to write the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Prague AND bratislava in fact, they have an agreement with Berlin for the delivery of the Leopards. There Polandleading country in supplying armored cars to Kiev, however, pointed out that no decision had yet been taken on sending Leopard 2 tanks during the meeting of ramsteinconvinced, however, that the matter will be resolved with unanimous success.

Why doesn’t Germany send weapons to Ukraine?

In a similar situation the Germany however, she seems unwilling to act as a “hindrance” to Ukraine’s military supplies, promising help for 1 billion euros in the spring. Indeed, Minister Pistorius declared that he had ordered an inventory of the Leopard 2 available: “Should a decision be made, Germany will be prepared” he reassures.

Still on the basis of this Procrastination fur Germany there would be serious concerns about the stability in geopolitical chessboard. If after the recent declaration of the U.S be willing to tolerate even one Ukrainian attack on Crimeathe fear of one lineup is more than legitimate, Germany fears that the shipment of Leopard 2 could be “the last straw to overflow the vessel”. Providing Kiev with Leopard 2s means moving from a defensive position to an attacking position.

If Ukraine moved to counteroffensiveBerlin fears these supplies could lead to a NATO’s direct involvement in the conflict, leading to a Third World War. Scenario repeatedly mentioned in these eleven months of conflict, but that now seems to be more than ever concrete threat for the Germany.

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