US sends $2.5 billion weapons package to Ukraine as Germany waits for tanks






The United States agreed on Thursday to send $2.5 billion worth of weapons to Ukraine. Meanwhile, Europe disagrees over the main battle tanks.

While the fight in Ukraine lights up again in Donbass, the U.S and the West is scrambling to lend more firepower to the war-torn nation. another pack of 2.5 billion dollars of weapons and military equipment was sent to Ukraine by the Pentagon.

The new package focuses specifically on armored vehiclesparticularly Strykers and Bradley.

These two types of vehicles have different purposes on the battlefield. THE Bradley they are heavily armored and equipped with a Cannon it is a anti-tank missile launcher, so they are needed for raw firepower. The attackers they are lighter and weaker in coverage but are faster and equipped with wheels, so they can cover a lot more ground. Strykers are used to bring in infantry forward quicklyinstead of engaging in combat with the enemy.

In addition to hundreds of Bradleys and Strykers, the new pack includes ammunition for equipment American already present in Ukraine. In particular, new rockets for Himars and Nasamsas well as millions of ammunition for small arms.

This package follows another support measure in December, when the US agreed to send Patriot missiles to Kiev. The Patriots are a anti-aircraft system heavily developed, which should improve Ukrainian defenses against Russian attacks.

So far, the United States has sent $26.7 billion in military support to Ukraine. While Kiev is currently mired in Bakhmut, with Russian invaders advancing slowly but surely, this kind of support is sorely needed.

The diplomatic battle in tanks

Basically, none of the US packages include rentals in Ukraine of tanks, at least not the battle majors. the United States is refrained from sending Abrams tanksclaiming that its power system is too developed and expensive for Ukraine.

But the United States is not the only nation not to trust Ukraine with its tanks. In fact, until recently, no western country had sent armored vehicles for the main battle one Kiev.

The first to break the taboo was the UKwhich sent 14 of its modern and efficient tanks to Ukraine challenging. There Francein turn, only recently decided send your AMC 10-RC light tanks.

There Germany, as always, is the European country that drags the longest. As always since the beginning of the war, Germany seems to be afraid of enraged Russiaas if the situation could be worse than it is.

Its main battle tanks, i Leopardwere exported throughout the European Union, including Eastern European countries such as Poland.

While Germany hesitates to send the Leopards on its own, the green light for other countries to send them. Despite extensive European pressure, Germany has yet to do so, although the final decision will likely come next week.

Ukraine is expected to make good use of the new defensive systems coming from the West, expecting the use of tanks in a possible future. counteroffensive.

Article published in the international edition of on 2023-01-20 13:22:03. Original title: US sends $2.5 billion weapons package to Ukraine as Germany waits for tanks

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