How Much Does She Earn and Who Is Jacinta Ardern, Former Prime Minister of New Zealand






The biography and salary of Jacinta Ardern, former Labor Prime Minister of New Zealand who, after completing several renovations, resigned as “exhausted”.

Who is Jacinta Ardern?? A question that many will ask themselves at this moment given that he is now Prime Minister of New Zealandconquered the front pages of newspapers around the world after its renounce.

It was not so much the backlash, a rarity in politics but far more common outside Italy, as the words with which Ardern motivated his decision to resign as Prime Minister of New Zealand.

I gave my all to be prime minister, but it also cost me a lot. I cannot and must not do this job if I don’t have full energya few more in reserve for the unforeseen challenges that inevitably arise – declared Jacinta Arden during the press conference, not containing a certain emotion -. I am human. We give it all we can for as long as possible and then the time comes. And for me this is the moment”.

There would be no suchno scandalbehind her farewell, with Ardern who has led New Zealand since 2017, becoming the world’s youngest female head of government at 37; in her two terms, she made headlines for her excellent management of Covid and the economic results obtained, always winking at the environment and the poorest population.

Let’s see then biography by Jacinta Ardern and how much it cost wage perceived in the years in which he held the position of Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Jacinta Ardern biography

First name: Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern

Date of birth: July 26, 1980

Place: Hamilton, New Zealand

Family: his partner is TV presenter Clarke Gayford, the couple has a daughter

Instruction: degree in Communication Sciences

Work: investigator

Match: Labor Party

Occupation: Leader of the Labor Party from August 2017, Prime Minister of New Zealand from October 2017 to January 2023

Curiosity: His second cousin is the mayor of Whanganui

New Zealand Prime Minister Salary

as for me Jacinta Ardern Earningsin 2020 she was talked about when she decided to donate the prize to New Zealand university students $150,000 obtained for having received the Gleitsman International Activist Award given by Harvard University.

During the hardest time of the pandemic, Ardern announced that she and her team were stepping down. take a 20% pay cut for six months: “New Zealanders rely on wage subsidies, have had their wages cut and are losing their jobs due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, I have decided that starting with myself and then also with ministers and public service executives, we will take a 20% cut over the next six months.”.

According to the American trade magazine forbesthis The prime minister’s annual salary is NZ$470,000 (about 270,000 euros) which in 2020 suffered a 20% cut for six months.

In 2018, at the start of his term as Prime Minister of New Zealand, he blocked a planned 3% pay rise for MPs.

Source: Money It

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