Is it necessary to increase resources for health? do the research






Participate in the survey: in light of the latest controversies, is it correct to increase resources for health in relation to what is foreseen in the 2023 Budget Law?

Funds for health care need to be increased? This is the vote what wants to propose to readers after the controversies of the last few hours and those that have been happening since the 2023 Budget law was dismissed, given the dissatisfaction of workers in the sector with the money allocated by the government.

Is it necessary to increase resources for health?


The Government increased the budget by 2 billion euros to try to respond to the world of health care and it is said that it was insufficient in view of the parameters – he explained though Giorgia Meloni -. But we must be careful because the parameters of previous years were of an extremely emergency reality. I don’t know how much one can believe that what was done during Covid is also a parameter for the future”.

According to the health expenditure forecast for the period 2022-2025, which can be consulted on the website of the Chamber of Deputies, after the sharp increase in appropriations in 2020 and 2021 due to the covid in the coming years we must face a downsizing.

Health spending in Italy

Health spending in Italy

The aim of this survey, which we remind you to have no scientific value but only indicative as it is not carried out by sampling, is to understand whether, in view of all the economic difficulties of this period, it is right to increase funds earmarked for health in Italy.

A survey of health funds

as pointed out Giorgia Meloniin the last budget law, the health government increased the budget by 2 billion euros; this money, which for doctors and nurses, however, will barely cover the increases dictated by the expensive bills.

THE problems of our National Health Service after all, they’ve been well known for some time: understaffing, endless queues, lack of beds, and often serious structural deficiencies.

Despite this, our National Health System remains one of the best of the worldwith the increase in spending in the hardest period of Covid, which for the prime minister cannot be considered a parameter also for the future.

With that, we will have to talk a lot about the resources destined to health, with the vote proposed by who wants to investigate what readers think about this topic that has always been hotly debated in Italy.

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