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Sanremo 2023, who is Leo Gassman: biography and career of the winning singer among the new proposals in 2020


Who is Leo Gassman, son of Alessandro Gassman, competing in Sanremo 2023 after winning in the new proposals section in 2020. Here is his biography, age and career.

What is Leo Gassmanthe singer who competes for the 73rd edition of the Festival of San Remo? Gassman, also known for being the son of Alessandro Gassman, competes for the first time among the big names in 2023, where he won the award new proposals and thus having won the Sanremo Giovani in 2020.

Gassman, therefore, has already taken to the stage at the Ariston, where he stood out with victory in the new proposals section of the 2020: won the final against Tecla, winning 52.5% of the votes. Now for the former participant of X-Factor also comes the first participation among the big names.

The biography and career of the young singer continue a long family tradition of talent for the entertainment world. He surprised the public and the jury of the Sanremo Giovani 2020, which recognized a talent that goes beyond his illustrious family: the song with which he won the competition, “Vai Bene Così”, also achieved great success with the public following the victory of the music festival.

In 2018, Gassman had participated in X Factor 12, on Mara Maionchi’s team. Here’s everything you need to know about the young singer.

Who is Leo Gassman, singer and son of Alessandro Gassman

Leo Gassman was born on November 22, 1998, age 21 yearspresents itself to the public for the first time during the auditions of the twelfth edition of X-Factor, largely convincing the judges.

Leo Gassman takes the stage of the well-known talent produced and made in Italy by Sky singing his own music and being immediately identified as the son of Alessandro Gassman (and nephew of the even more famous late actor Vittorio Gassmanone of the historical faces of Italian cinema).

Leo Gassman then attended X-Factor arriving one step away from the end and starting his career on tiptoe, in the midst of controversies that accuse him of being a recommended “son of” and a sincere talent seasoned with passion and willingness to learn.

Leading the way despite his last name was in fact the objective of Leo Gassman who, at a very young age, managed to conquer his space and launch a promising career that will take him to the Sanremo Giovani 2020 selections and, now, to participation among the big names in 2023.

Who is Leo Gassman, competing in Sanremo 2023

Leo Gassman arrives at Sanremo Giovani 2020, where he is selected to compete among the New Proposals of the seventieth edition of the Festival.

The song with which he ranks among the eight singers in the contest is entitled “Vai Bene Cosi”. Sanremo 2020 represented an important milestone for Leo Gassman: his first album strikes was released on February 7th, and in addition to the song with which he won in Sanremo, other songs were added for a total of 13 songs. After 2020 youth win little has been said about Leo Gassman, who is now back on stage Sanremo for the 2023 edition.

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