How much does the Sanremo festival 2023 cost: Rai’s expenses and income between advertising and tickets






Sanremo Festival 2023, the 73rd edition is approaching: what are the costs for Rai, how much are the earnings from sponsors and publicity and ticket prices.

The Festival of San Remo 2023 will start on Tuesday, February 7th: the 73rd edition aims to break a new record in terms of revenue and earnings for Rai. Meanwhile, in view of the Festival, many wonder how much costs create a mega-event of this type and what are expenses and earnings for Rai.

calculate the profit margin for the public television company it is difficult before the start of the event. At the same time, it is also difficult to know the accurate numbers considering, for example, that the super-guest fees have not yet been revealed.

also the necessary investments to realize Sanremo they respond to different voices and we need to consider all the variables behind the Festival world: sponsorsexternal events, advertising, collaborations, expenses with guests and conductors. Finally, it is necessary to think about how much can change in relation to last year, an edition that has already broken records, but also had important investments thanks to the great success of the previous one.

The costs and budget of the Sanremo Festival 2023

The cost of the Festival are amortized thanks to sponsors and advertising. Indeed, in fact, Rai obtains significant income from Sanremo which allows it to finance other public television activities. The investments made relate to the appointmentsthe realization of the Festival in all its aspects, the scenography, the guests and the entire organization of the event.

One of the most important expense items is hiring a driver: in the case of Amadeus, if last year’s numbers were confirmed, we would be talking about a salary between 500 and 600 thousand eurosalthough according to some rumors the value was lower (around 350 thousand euros).

Among the other commitments are those of Gianni Morandi (about 300,000 euros) and 25,000 euros per night for each of the co-hosts, with Chiara Ferragni who will double its value by participating in two nights. then there is the guests, for which fees ranging from less than 50,000 to almost 100,000 euros are expected. Finally, 48,000 euros are expected for each singer in the competition refunds.

as for me costs we can refer to the numbers of recent years: the number must have decreased, in recent years, from around 18 million to 17.4 million. This year’s budget could be very similar or a little less (we’re talking 17.3 million).

Rai revenues between advertising and sponsors

Most of the Festival’s income concerns the advertising investments. In 2022, revenue from ads was very high: it went from around 38 million in 2021 to 42 million last year, compared to an expense of 17 million. This year the goal is to reach 45 million in revenue.

Then there is another aspect to consider, namely the increase in advertising rates equal to 15% in the last two years. to buy one advertising space in the most expensive range (just before 10 pm) you want up to 370,000 euros for a 30-second ad. For a complete package, however, you get up to 1.7 million.

The sale and cost of Sanremo tickets

Since the last edition, by the way, there has been the return of the public to the hall at Ariston after the pandemic period. But How much are the tickets to watch the Sanremo Festival live? For the first four nights, prices range from 100 euros for the gallery to 180 euros for the stalls. For the final, 320 euros will be spent on the stand and 660 on the stand. The five-day pass costs 672 euros for the gallery and 1,290 for the stalls.

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