How much does the Sanremo Orchestra earn?






Sanremo Festival 2023, when do orchestra members win? Not just guest and host fees: here are the expected fees for the 73rd edition.

The start of approaching Sanremo Music Festival 2023. The 73rd edition of the music festival starts on February 7th and, as usual, the winner of Sanremo will be defined on Saturday night. Bearing in mind the start of the sound festival, it is questioned which are not only the cachet of conductors, guests and singers in competition, but also of other characters that we see, in various guises, on the Ariston stage.

Incidentally, many wonder how much the super guests present at Sanremo earn, but also what is the fee of the singers in the competition and the winner, in addition obviously to the contract referring to the conductor, which is also for this edition. amadeus. Then there is another component that is less talked about and much less known, especially from an economic point of view: the orchestra.

The role of the orchestra in Sanremo 2022

For the 2023 edition of the Sanremo Festival, the orchestra lost a role it had played in previous years (but not in 2022): the musiciansactually, they don’t vote the songs nor the money on the run, on any of the five nights. actually disappeared orchestra jurypresent in the past.

How much does the Sanremo Orchestra earn: 2020 data

The information about Sanremo orchestra fees missing: there is no accurate information and few precedents are reported. An exception is represented by a statement released in 2020 by Livio Emanueli, former president of the Foundation of the Sanremo Symphony Orchestra. At the time, she provided some clarification.

It is clear that the figures of 2020 may have changed over the past three years, though presumably these are insignificant differences. In this case, we were talking about the remuneration of around 30 orchestra players to whom it is presented a fixed rate offer – so for every night – “around 1,900 euros, in addition to the base salary which ranges from 1,500 to 1,800 net euros”. Mostly wage reference is made to the national contracts also published by Rai (the last one updated for 2013).

In 2020 Emanueli’s response came after a controversy over the salary of some musicians: there was talk of a value of only 50 euros per day. However, the news was labeled by the Foundation’s director as biased and inaccurate. Furthermore, Emanueli himself had underlined that all travel and accommodation expenses for the tests (which take place in Rome) were fully covered and not at the expense of the musicians in the orchestra.

The Sanremo Orchestra in 2023

For the 72nd edition of the Festival between orchestra masters and musicians there was talk of about 60 members of the Sanremo Symphony Orchestra. These were joined by other professionals, such as those from Rai’s rhythm section. It seems likely that the numbers will be similar this year as well.

Furthermore any singer or group in the race you can choose the your driver, in this case not linked to the Foundation. However, no news has been released about salaries for conductors and orchestra musicians in 2023.

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