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To take advantage of InvestEU’s European funding, companies have to matchmake, but what does that mean? How are you? We talked about it during Talk Europa, the event organized by

The InvestEU program has within itself an investment plan as a guarantee for innovative companies with a value of 26.2 billion euroswhich aims to generate them 372 attract new investors. When the project started, many innovative companies they already had the opportunity to exploit these funds to attract new capital to them.

However, transforming these 26.2 billion into 372 is not an easy task: for that, it is necessary to find a driving force that acts as an investment multiplier, certainly not an easy one, since it is a quantitatively ambitious goal. The subject was discussed during “Talk Europe – InvestEU: 370 billion euros for companies”, an event organized by try to give due space to a project capable of enabling innovation and progress.

During the event, one of the most recurrent themes was the need to «matchmaking», a concept considered essential. But what does it mean and in what terms was it treated by the guests?

InvestEU: matchmaking can act as an innovation engine

Among the topics covered during Contact Europe the need to find the right people arose Skills to leverage funds and enable innovation. The need to find and enhance skills had already arisen during the last event organized by, namely Talk Europa – PNRR: are we going to come out better? and was reiterated by Cristina Crupiattorney and PMI specialist.

croupin particular, stated that “in Italy the market for startups and SMEs is mature, in fact there are many innovative realities. So that they can exploit their potential and the skills they possess, it is now necessary to create a chain of investors willing to provide risk capital, to whom they turn for support».

This time, however, the debate went much further. As indicated by David Scodeggiofounder of Qualifier, the need is to make «matchmaking», that is, putting in contact not only innovative companies, but also qualified professionals and companies seeking digital solutions for their businesses.

Particularly, scoggio he declared: “the digitization sector in Italy is made up of 100,000 companies; a total of 500,000 people work within them. This industry alone is worth 2.5% of Italy’s GDP. If it is true that it is necessary to continue training new talent, it is also true that we must value existing talent and put them in contact. This last aspect is particularly relevant since today competences are no longer located in a single place, but can be found in every corner of the country. This is the secret to successfully exploiting InvestEU».

scoggio then underlined that today the digital world travels at great speed, so it is difficult – if not impossible – train continuously and from scratch companies and professionals on the new emerging trends. If we add to this factor that the average age in the country is on average high, it turns out that it is really difficult to think about being able to follow this path. Easier, says Scodeggio «is honing those skills and those companies that are natively accustomed to rapid change».

Matchmaking is about creating value

A virtuous example of how collaboration and matchmaking are fundamental for the creation of value in the companies from which it came Pasquale Viscantiby AI Explained Simple.

In his speech, Viscanti stated that «in Italy there are 400 companies that produce and offer artificial intelligence solutions. It is not necessary to go looking for solutions of this type abroad, it is much better to try to leverage those that are present in our territory. The problem is that sometimes these realities, despite being innovative, do not know how to communicate. To help them emerge, we created the Italian Observatory of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence, a network of 25 companies that have managed to create highly valuable innovations by collaborating». This testimony, therefore, makes it clear how much collaboration between innovative realities can make innovation possible.

InvestEU: Italy has a cultural problem to overcome

Asked by Darius ColumbusB2B editorial manager at, Gianluca Dettorimanager of Primo Ventures, underlined that Italy «lack a vision», necessary to be able to direct investments in the right direction and be competitive in the coming years.

Agree, to your reasoning connected David Scodeggiowho underlined the presence of a very complex problem to be solved, which he defined as “of cultural origin».

Particularly, scoggio he declared: “networking will be the key factor for our future challenges. In Italy, however, we face cultural problems: even the most innovative companies tend to replicate past models, which leads them to remain closed in on themselves, which prevents them from growing». Therefore, it is essential to exceed this limit in order to take full advantage of the resources InvestEU.

Finally she intervened Maria Angela Danzi, MPE of the 5 Star Movement. He agreed with entrepreneurs, in particular that European tenders should be simplified and more usable for companies and entrepreneurs; otherwise also do matchmaking may not be enough to take advantage of the resources of the InvestEU.

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