Increase of Italian investments in Venture Capital: +48% in 2022






The year 2022 saw an increase in Venture Capital investments in Italy compared to 2021. The value of invested funds reached 1.8 billion euros.

323 rounds, €1.8 billion and 48% growth in relation to 2021: these are the numbers for 2022 regarding investments in startups, scaleups and innovative companies in Italy, which reaches the podium as the country with the fastest percentage growth in Europe.

I’Venture Capital Observatory in Italy, made by Growth Capital AND Italian Technological Alliance, highlighted the quarterly trend of investments and the trends that characterize Italian venture capital. The report was presented today, January 23, at Le Village by CAMilan, in front of some of the main representatives of the innovation ecosystem Italian, including: Fabio Mondini from FocatiisFounding Partner of Growth Capital, Francisco CerrutiGeneral Manager of the Italian Tech Alliance, Jose DonvitoMember of P101, Silvia Wangco-founder and CEO of Serenis.

2022 ended with more than 1.8 billion euros invested, despite being influenced by the mega rounds of Satispay (Series D, 320 million euros), New Cleo (Serie A, €300m) and Scalapay (Serie B, €212m). According to forecasts, Italian Venture Capital suffered little impact from the economic crisisshowing sustained growth, with Initial round increase (+42) and Serie A (+4) compared to 2021 and the hope, for the future, of a increase in final roundsthese also increased from 2017 to 2022, although even smaller than other VC ecosystems more mature.

smart cities AND FinTechwith 501 million and 499 million, are the sectors that they got more investment in 2022, globally representing the 55% of full year investmentthanks also to mega rounds from Statispay, Scalapay and Newcleo.

The incidence in the Italian VC of the international investorswho were present in 67% of rounds, against 58% in 2021.

«2022 was a year of remarkable maturity for Venture Capital in Italy. As we predicted a year ago, the Italian ecosystem recorded a significant increase in the amount invested (about +50% compared to 2021), in contrast to the European slowdown and the global downturn. The increasingly incisive participation of international players and institutional investors was also confirmed (a trend destined to be confirmed also in 2023). As Growth Capital, we expect a 2023 of maturation and consolidation of the market, characterized by an increase in the average size of rounds and the number of Late Stage operations. Overall investments will be influenced by high dry power and the presence of mega-rounds» he comments Fabio Mondini from FocatiisFounding Partner of Growth Capital.

«It is significant to note how the numbers of the Italian innovation ecosystem begin to approach – although they remain much lower – than other countries historically more advanced in this area.“, he adds Francisco Cerruti, General Manager of Italian Tech Alliance. In 2022, Italy was for the first time the European country that saw the most consistent growth in investment in startups and innovative companies. «Looking to the future», concludes Cerruti, «2023 will be a crucial year for modernize the Consolidated Text on Startupswhich was a fundamental starting point for the ecosystem, but which is now over 10 years old and needs an update that takes into account the renewed needs of the ever-increasing number of operators in the sector».

Quarterly report of the Italian Venture Capital Observatory
Report by Growth Capital and the Italian Tech Alliance

Source: Money It

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